Hungate Medieval Art is a brand new interpretation centre in the heart of Norwich


 Past Major Exhibitions

28 September - 3rd November 2013


To mark the end of a season of celestial artwork.  Hungate Medieval Art presents an exhibition exploring contemporary interpretations of medieval demons, monsters, gargoyles and other such creatures.
Much medieval art depicts the saintly and angelic, however in marginal locations such as roof-tops and on the edges of manuscripts, other more subversive creatures can be found.

In this exhibition contemporary artists have responded to these medieval beings using a variety of media, to produce a variety of sinister, foreboding and often comic works. 


29 June - 15 September 2013


A photography exhibition
by Michael Rimmer

By the late middle ages English constructional and decorative woodworking had attained a level of skill and sophistication unrivalled in Europe. East Anglia's churches are home to one of t
 he most spectacular and distinctive products of this medieval expertise - the angel roof.  Built mainly between 1400 and 1530, and overwhelmingly an East Anglian phenomenon, angel roofs were an expression of religious belief, wealth, status and regional skill.  Using specialist lenses and techniques to capture distant and inaccessible detail, Michael Rimmer's photographs reveal the unseen beauty of East Anglia's angel roofs and the vision of the medieval craftsmen who made them.

Visit Michael's website.

25 May - 16 June 2013


A solo exhibition of sound installations 
by Nicholas G. Brown.
Each work explores medieval ideas about music, especially the relationship between music, science and architecture.  The cruciform structure of St. Peter Hungate provides a metaphor for the three-stage hierarchy of music in the Middle Ages.  The nave contains the sounds of four birds singing a medieval song.  The transept explores the relation between music and the mind, particularly the therapeutic use of music as a kind of medicine.  Finally, the chancel contains a twelve-channel sound & video installation that uses the stone tracery of a rose window to give musical form to the sounds of a choir.


28th July - 4th Nov 2012

Heaven’s Gate: Medieval Rood Screens from Norfolk

Heaven’s Gate was an exhibition about the role that painted rood screens played in the life of the laity in the Middle Ages. Usually commissioned by the community that frequented any given parish church, the rood screens of Norfolk help us to understand the power of medieval imagery; it inspired delight, devotion and, later, even destruction. The exhibition also showcases the outstanding craftsmanship of medieval painters and carpenters, whose works have survived for more than half a millennium. By combining photographs and some key paintings loaned from Norfolk churches, Heaven’s Gate will explore one of the most important means of religious communication before literacy became widespread.

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16th March - 15th July 2012

This multi-media exhibition, focused on contemporary artists’ responses to the experience and qualities of light as it travels through medieval stained glass and the stories conveyed therein. The concept of light is explored through film, painting, photography, sculpture, textiles, print and installation.

Journeys through the Light featured works by:

Aidan Abernethy I Kate Anderson I Emi Avora I Susan Bowman I Linda Brassington I Lesley Davy I June Gentle I Stephanie Gilbert and Jo Scholfield I Gregory J Hayman I Lynne Merryland and Sophie Wood I Derek Morris I Joanna Reynolds I Joanna Rojkowska I Brenda Unwin I Phillip Walmsley I Judith Waring


In Memory of Lesley Davy (1953-2012)

We are saddened to announce the passing of artist and printmaker Lesley Davy. Davy was one of the artists featured in this year’s spring exhibition Journeys Through The Light, for which she created the installatation work Dante's Colour Lightbox.
We are greatly honoured to have shown one of her last works.
Based in London, where she opened her own printmaking gallery in the East End, Lesley Davy was a prolific and versatile artist whose works are multi-disciplinary, involving printmaking, photography, sculpture and light projections, and often contain a dense narrative. Previous works include casts of sand ripples on the beach, a visible magnetic field on a large scale using ultraviolet pigment, and Urban Scan, a commission for a rotating light projection in the Economist Plaza, London.

A graduate of the University of East Anglia, where she received a BA in History of Art and Architecture in 1977, Davy went on to study Printmaking at Central St. Martin's, and subsequently pursued an MA in Art in Architecture at The University of East London and an MPhil in Printmaking Research at the Royal College of Art. She has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad and undertaken a number of public commissions.

April 2009 - November 2011

Stained Glass Exhibition
Curated by Claire Daunton (University of East Anglia) with photographs by Mike Dixon.

The beauty and complexity of medieval stained glass was the subject of Hungate Medieval Art’s first exhibition.

The exhibition reflected the distinctive Norwich school of medieval glass whilst looking at the development of stained glass over the period and the people and processes involved in its production. The display consisted of beautiful, back lit, photographic images of Norfolk glass. Seen up close and at eye level, the detail and craftsmanship of the work are apparent and the political subtext of certain panels can be more easily appreciated.

Learn more about this exhibition by listening to our curator podcast.

In 2012 the exhibition went on tour and can be seen at St. Nicholas Church, King's Lynn, near the Tuesday Market Place.
Further Resources for Stained Glass Stained Glass Glossary

Online resources:

Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi
The British branch of an international survey of stained glass contains a valuable catalogue of images.

Online magazine dedicated to stained glass.

Norfolk Stained Glass Website
A local website dedicated specifically to Norfolk glass including some beautiful stained glass images from across the county.

Other places to visit:

The Stained Glass Museum, Ely, Cambridgeshire.
The fascinating story of stained glass illustrated through a collection of national importance.





Transept Exhibitions 

As well as our main exhibition space in the Nave and Chancel of St Peter Hungate, Hungate can also host smaller exhibitions in the two transepts of the Church.

These exhibitions are a chance for other local  research and community groups to use our space, and have included:

St Peter Hungate and the Pastons

The Bishops Art Prize

Norfolk Heraldry Society

Shaping24: Historical links between Norwich and Ghent 

‘Focus on Hungate’ by photographer Julia Cameron

If you are interested in using the transept spaces, and your work is focused on Medieval Art in some way, please do get in touch by email on