Hungate Medieval Art is a brand new interpretation centre in the heart of Norwich

September   Thursday 4th Free Talk Dr Richard Maguire. Edith Cavell 6pm Thursday 11th – Sunday 14th Heritage Open Days Hungate will be open for all four days 10am – 4pm Friday 19th Free Talk Waltraud Jarrold - Koblenz in WW1 6pm October Thursday 9th Free Artists Talk Mike Dodd will present the No Man’s Land works in his own words 6pm Saturday 11th ‘WWI Silks’ workshop Have a go at making your own embroidered postcard like those sent home by soldiers in WWI 10am – 4pm £2 per head Thursday 16th Free Talk Simon Dell will present a talk on “Protesting War”. 6pm Saturday 25th Family craft activities for half term. Come in and make a paper, fabric or knitted poppy to add to our field of remembrance. All ages welcome. 10am – 4pm £2 per head Tuesday 28th Free Talk David Leal will speak about peace movements - religious, radical and feminist. 6pm November Saturday 1st Wreath Making workshop Using the hand crafted poppies in our field of remembrance we will make up wreaths to remember the fallen. 10am – 4pm £2 per head Wednesday 5th Free Talk, Camilla Schofield Shellshock: World War One and the Invention of Trauma 6pm Thursday 6th Free Talk , Andrew Cowan –Remembering the Home Front: Norwich in the First World War 6pm Tuesday 11th Closing event and commemoration of Armistice Day Details TBC 5.30pm

Always available:
Brass Rubbing
Knights and Ladies; Lions, Letters and Skeletons
Available every weekend
£4 per session: All welcome

Private Group Bookings
By appointment, please email for details

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