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Sacred &/Or Secular: a heritage history of St Peter Hungate

26 April-20 October 2019

An exhibition organised by the HERILIGION project, UEA, in partnership with Hungate Medieval Art

This exhibition will tell two stories. The first is the remarkable history of how a small city church was saved from destruction by local people, eventually to be re-purposed as a ground-breaking museum, and subsequently a centre of medieval art. Members of the NNAS have played a significant role in this history. For example, they were instrumental in saving St Peter’s from demolition in the 1900s, and again in it becoming the first ecclesiastical museum in the country in 1933.

The second story it tells is an open-ended one, an enquiry into what happened to the religious and sacred nature of the building when it stopped being a church and began to function as a heritage site. Four contemporary art shows featuring work specially commissioned by the HERILIGION project at UEA (www.heriligion.eu) will respond to this question, offering the visitor the opportunity to consider how the religious, the sacred and the secular might be related, not just at St Peter Hungate but in all churches that have been re-purposed.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a full programme of events and learning activities, to be published very soon.