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Hungate: After the Middle Ages’ closes this weekend. make sure you have seen it before 4pm on Sunday November 5th!

Student interns from UEA have worked with expert volunteers and local people to follow the history of the church and community through the turbulent 17th century, when Norwich had to find its place in a nation at war with itself, to the prosperity and independence of the 18th century when the tiny, three-street parish, was one of the City’s wealthiest; home to merchants, radicals and civic leaders.

The story then twists and turns on into the 19th century when industrial boom and bust brought working class residents, the reduced the area to slum conditions and, early in the 20th century, to the very brink of demolition. Finally the exhibition traces how the fledgling conservation movement, including the newly formed Norwich Society and the pioneering Museum of Ecclesiastical Art – the first repurposed parish Church in the UK – led to Elm Hill and Hungate becoming a flagship for the best of historic city centres, and the thriving residential and business community it is today.


Coming in 2018: Paston Footprints 600 – see advanced press release here