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Now Open: Hungate in its Parish 2017.

One of 58 medieval parishes within the city walls, St Peter Hungate was always small by comparison with its larger neighbours, but just what sort of place was it in the middle ages? Archaeological finds from various locations in the area give glimpses of the material possessions of those who lived and passed through this ancient part of Norwich. The exhibition will also provide details of the history of our building in its heyday, and help visitors to ‘read the building’ for themselves. Of course, none of these stories would be complete without the people behind them. Visitors to the exhibition will be introduced to some of Hungate medieval residents, including John Paston, who built, decorated and used the church, and how they lived, worked and worshiped in this remarkable and fascinating little parish, set between Blackfriars and Tombland.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a full program of talks and family events. 

Coming next…

Later in 2017: Hungate Since the Middle Ages – the continuing story of a place and it’s people.

We are seeking contributors to this exhibition. Did your family live in the parish? We are keen to hear from you, especially if your grandparents or great grandparents were amongst those rehoused from the parish to the new housing estates between the wars. Email us on HungateGlass@aol.com

2018: Paston Footprints 600 – see advanced press release here

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